Vintage Queen Troll on patrol 6" Lady Troll Collectible All Hail the Queen Reclaimed vinyl Doll Planter with Faux Plant hair and Crown

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All my products are cleaned and sanitized prior to assembly and then once more prior to shipping
Reclaimed troll doll with faux succulents looking GLORIOUS after a new hair do made of moss and Faux air plant. Dressed in gold sequined skirt with gold bodice halter top adorned with a gold lame bow. Gold rose earrings and a gold bejeweled Crown sits atop her silky golden hair surrounding a nested bird, faux air plant and succulents. She is dressed up and ready for the throne.
The last picture shows the Queen and her Court. Check my other trolls on sale to add to her court
Lovely lady Trolls were once a very popular action figure and are now returning to reclaim a place in your heart once more. arms and legs are jointed
Heights vary with plants..dolls are each approximately 6" tall to 8" with plants

All my trolls came to me with no hair or clothes, they have been reclaimed and up cycled with a new look waiting to be rescued and loved once again

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