Gothic Pirate Doll Head Ragetti cement OOAK Baby Head Planter, Large glass eye Faux Succulents Pirates of the Caribbean Steam Punk Style


Pirate Ragetti is a rough looking buccaneer just in from the sea sailing in from a long voyage. Lost the eye in a drunken brawl at the tavern over a Scamp of a barmaid. Has a glass eye and a bronze chain, has been paint washed in 3 colors then sealed with a metallic glaze varnish
Small cement baby head face with faux succulent plant placed inside a metal gear from an old enemy ship.. He makes a great conversation piece. Molded from an actual vinyl doll's head and then cast in cement. Looking kinda gothic.
Pirates of the Caribbean
no 2 pirates exactly alike always one of a kind
There are normal mold markings and air bubbles which add character

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